Attractions in New York: The J. Pierpont Morgan Library new face

19 May 2022
Out of all the New York attractions there is the J. Pierpont Morgan library with is a little treasure for many tourists. With is in the Morgan library & museum complex, it was commissioned by John Pierpont Morgan the banker in 1902.

The monument that is more than 110 years old is considered one of the most important examples of neoclassical architecture in the United States. The 14 of February in 2019 the Morgan library & museum announced they where going to renovate the outer structures of the library. It took 4 years and $12.5 million. Out of ll the New York attractions not to miss, finally the J. Pierpont Morgan library will reappear al public to the public its garden.

Attrazioni a New York: il nuovo volto della J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library(vista dalla 36esima strada, sketch credit: Annex Courtesy of Todd Longstaffe-Gowan)

Attractions in New York: the reconstruction of the  J. Pierpont Morgan Library

The initial project was completed in 1906, it was curated by McKim, Mead & White with the intention to exploit architecture, sculpting and painting. In 2010 the interior had undergone a major renovation.  In 2016, the first couple of exterior renovations due to the Integrated Conversation Resources (ICR) the leading organization of historical reconstruction. Along with the Beyer blinder belle, they analyze and check the condition of the building, to study the modifications needed. Not only the walls, but the project has planned more maintenance to the building.
Fist of all the roof, besides the exterior fences and the state of erosiosion the statues are in. In regards to the lighting, a Tillet Lighting Design Associates option was chosen. To highlight one of new works most particular attractions, the organization wants to focus first of all on valorizing the internal lighting  with the help of new technology. The new J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library offers visitors the possibility to access the outdoor area of the structure. Before the intervention, the interior garden wasn’t cared for. This is why Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Landscape Design, a English design that specializes in garden design was asked to take part in the reconstruction.
Among the companies projects we can name for example, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace Gardens and the Royal College of Art in England.

(the inside of the Morgan Library)

Attractions in New York: The J. Pierpont Morgan Library garden 

Before the construction of restyling had begun the library exterior that included a garden appeared out of place when placed with the building structure. The objective of the reconstruction was to also crear more outdoor areas and to enhance the library interior. With the new project the library offers an event venue, tours and  happenings.
The reconstruction work actually wants to try to maintain the original design of Renzo Piano. A blue slate route starting from the library floors and the exterior pavement, will be entirely available for visitors to walk on and follow. Out of all the New York attractions the J. Pierpont Morgans Library garden is a must see for plant lovers. In fact on the exterior near the library’s Loggia periwinkle flower beds were placed. They even made space for some Morgan family pieces, right now this space is not open to the public. Among this a roman sarcophagus, a Roman age funerary star and a series of renaissance shelves. Attrazioni a New York: il nuovo volto della J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library
(pic credit: Tillett Lighting Design Associates)

Attractions in New York: Summer at the  J. Pierpont Morgan Library

“ The new garden on 36th street is an important part of the Morgan library because it requires the publics involvement with the historic building the is original to the area.”

This is was the statement the J. Pierpont Morgans Library Director Colin B. Baily told the public. Many events where organized to celebrate the renovation of one must see New York attractions. The 18th and 19th go of June has the garden family fair and the free community weekend planned in which the garden will be inaugurated. There is going to be craftsman, live music, lotteries and readings in the open. All these activities plus the entrance to the museum will be free during these occasions. The  . Pierpont Morgan Library is closed on Mondays and the tickets to experience the museum are $22 for adults, $14 for seniors, $13 for students with ID and only free for children under 12. There is a free of charge entrance every Friday from 5-7PM if you book through this link.