Terms and conditions


This policy applies, except as otherwise indicated and authorized by federal, state, or local laws, current norms, regulations, or ordinances. In the event that the possibility is given to cancel or modify a reservation, a cancellation fee or charge will be applied in accordance with the rules and restrictions applicable to the provider of the selected product and/or travel services. A minimum cancellation period may apply to your purchase. If the minimum cancellation limit is not met, a penalty for tax recovery and service charges will be charged to the customer. By this, the customer agrees to pay any cancellation fee or modification of the charges for the chosen services.

Cancellation fees will be calculated as follows: for any service reserved through our websites, a booking fee of 15% will be applied, this booking fee is included in the final price and is never, in any case, refundable.

In addition to such a fee, the customer will be subject to:

  • If you cancel 7 days before (or less), a total penalty (no refund) will be applied.
  • If the cancellation occurs by the operator NYC4ALL due to force majeure (e.g., adverse weather conditions, exceptional events); NYC4ALL will strive to propose a valid alternative option or a possible total refund.

Please note that the value of the transaction may be subject to taxes and foreign transaction fees, currency exchange, or other commissions. Banking institutions, credit or debit cards may convert the payment into local currency and charge additional fees and commissions outside the control of the operator NYC4ALL