Brunch at an american's house

You have asked me, many times before, to experience first hand what life is like in New York, what are the things I like to do the most, what is the food like, if I have American friends, what do I do on weekends, and how many times have you asked me to try New York experiences, to immerse yourself in our lives and live a typically American, and even more so New York, day. This is one of the many latest additions that I’ve included to our repertoire of services. Together with my dear friend Elise, aka Galavant Girl, we decided to offer a typically New York and exclusive service: brunch in a real New Yorker's House! Elise is a fantastic cook as well as a super writer and she has offered to cook for you and will do it at her home, in her cozy little flat in the Financial District (not far from Wall Street and the 9/11 Memorial.)