Study-Vacation for groups

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NYC4ALL offers ALL-INCLUSIVE packages if you want to come and study in New York. Optimized to minimize travel planning for teachers, ensure maximum hospitality to students, provide local assistance & excellent English classes, and a personalized guide to help you visit the best the city has to offer.

From arrival at the airport to your return flight, you will be followed by a qualified staff member who will plan for you your entire stay in the Big Apple. From arrival to departure, there is continuous supervision by the local staff. Quality lessons will be followed daily by hours of organized tours to discover the numerous, enchanting attractions of the city.

NYC4ALL will make all the arrangements. From the planning phase to the actual booking to guarantee a “stress-free” experience to the chaperons, teachers, students and families.

The length of stay varies from one to several weeks according to your needs. There are also excursions outside New York that can be arranged to visit cities such as Boston or Washington.

At unbeatable starting prices!

Do you dream of walking on the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan admiring the incredible skyline? Can’t wait to ascend to the top of the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock for breathtaking views? Are you ready to spend a beautiful sunny day immersed in the greenery of Central Park?

Classes + Accommodation from $ 930 per student per week *

Registration fee $150 + $50 if you make an international wire transfer, + 4.3% for payments made by credit card, + 3% for PayPal payments (unless it is from a US account,) or via Wise offering the lowest international commissions, here is the link to create a deposit.

Please note:

* the final cost will vary according to the number of participants, the period requested, and the type of classes chosen.

Study-Vacation for groups